Birthing ball, clary sage and dates..... any others?

So baby is still happily chilling (39 weeks tomorrow!) which means I've decided to finally launch our Weekly Round Up emails! I'm a little naughty, I REALLY should not call it a 'weekly' round up, because this means that little reminder goes into my diary to email you lovely lot each and every week..... probably a bad idea with another little one on the way! But I'm going to do my best to keep to it!

We are always so so busy here over at Scentful Wax, that a lot of the time we don't communicate enough exactly what is going on behind the scenes - so hopefully our new round ups will allow you guys a little virtual 'fly on the wall' reality of how our days and weeks look from behind closed doors!

1. Subscriptions

And oh my gosh, this week seems like a crazy one..... can you believe it is April NEXT WEEK?!?! So not only does that mean warmer weather, sunnier skies and *fingers crossed* lifting of restrictions, it also means..... SUBSCRIPTIONS! Yes, our most favourite time of the month, it's always a crazy sprint to make, wrap and ship almost 1200 snap bars, all within ONE DAY!

But this month feels extra exciting..... the theme will be 'Spring Has Sprung!'. I'm not going to announce the exact scents until later this week (baby permitting!!) but to give you a little hint.... imagine scents of beautiful fresh woods, sunshiney mornings and the smell of warm chocolate throughout the house. Feel 'spring like' yet?!?!?

The team will be busy wrapping all 1500 snap bars this week - that's 1200 pieces of hand cut cellulose wrap, 3600 pieces of biodegradable tape, 1200 pink Scentful Wax labels - plus making up in excess of 200 to 250 pink subscription boxes, each one with a hand applied subscription label, description flyer and folded tissue paper! Like I said.... subscription week is A LOT of hard work! And of course, it's pretty much on my due date as well.... because you know, why wouldn't it be!?!?!

2. Shop opening

I hope we aren't being TOO optimistic, but we are also starting to get our bums in gear for shop opening on the 12th April! Since we closed the doors nearly four months ago, our scent range has GROWN to say the least! That now means we need two more 9 cube display units, to add a further 18 scents to the shop floor, so you guys can come in and try EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! :) it means we will have 72 fragrances on show! CRAZINESS! And you can guarantee we'll forget some as well!

We're keeping all fingers and toes crossed that the date isn't delayed and we'll be able to open the doors - we honestly can't wait!

3. Restocks

Rhubarb and Wild Mint, Alien Fantasy, Sherbet Lemon & Vanilla Dreams were all restocked over the weekend, and we have a number of requests for Himalayan Salt, Paradise Beach and Angel Wings - which are now first on the list to be made today! If you have any scents you are desperately needing (because wax melts ARE a necessity in life!) then drop us an email and let us know and we can add to the list! 

We do our best to keep on top of restocks as much as possible, but we honestly can't keep up with all the scent loving addicts out there!

Anyway I'm off to sit on the birthing ball this afternoon with some red raspberry leaf tea, clary sage essential oil and a handful of dates (not going to lie, I'm struggling with eating the dates, they are NOT my friend) to get this baby moving!

AND I'm going to take home a Dove Wings wax melt snap bar and beautiful room spray, as I keep having serious cravings for cleaning scents - anyone else obsessed with that fresh scent in the home like I am at the moment?!?!

I hope you have a lovely start to the week!

With love,

Ellie x

& The Scentful Wax Team!

P.S. If you have any other old wives tales for kick starting labour, throw them my way - I did all. the. things. with my first, but he still came on his due date after three days in labour.... who knows if they helped or not, but I'm up for trying anything!

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