"Mother Of God..."

CHIS. OCG. AC-12... if you're a Line Of Duty addict (like EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of us here at Scentful Wax!) then you will know exactly what we're talking about. 

Is it just us??? Or is everyone else as obsessed as we are? Monday mornings here at Scentful Wax HQ are laughably unproductive, as no-one can stop analysing the night before's episode in minute detail!

Kim even joined the Line of Duty FB Fan Page, before having to leave a few days later as the conspiracy theories were just too darn much!

So.... when I saw this image the other day, I just HAD to share it  with you guys! Last Sunday's episode was full of too many 'no comments' to count, but I know that a lot of you wax melt lovers will understand exactly how DCI Jo Davidson feels here!

What we are going to do with ourselves after this Sunday's final episode, I have NO idea (probs binge watch all previous five series again!) but maybe Monday mornings may be a little more efficient over here :)

But anyway.....

This week, whilst NOT dissecting LOD episodes, it's that time of the month again getting ready for May's subscription box (it feels like we've only just sent April's out!!!).

May's box is a 'Designer Dupes' theme, full of Luxury Home and Perfume Inspired ranges, as these scents are always super duper popular online and in store!

We already have Pink Mandarin & Basil, Black Pomegranate, Velvet Peony & Oud and Grapefruit Splash from the luxury home fragrance brand (hint... it rhymes with Mo Jalone!), but we wanted to add even more to the range with 'Blackberry and Bay' and 'Thai Lime Mango' both joining the gang!

PLUS we have 'Wild Mint' from ANOTHER white luxury home brand (see if you can guess this one..... rhymes with Light Mumpany!) joining our Paradise Beach scent on our shelves!

All three are STUNNING, and perfect for this time of year!

And of course, we HAD to bring back 'Deliciously Green' and 'Decadent Diva' to the perfume inspired range, as we get asked for these A TONNE since they had been discontinued by our suppliers. Luckily we were able to source them elsewhere, so now they're back with a bang!


AND... we have a Bank Holiday weekend coming this weekend (yay!) so that means that May's subscription boxes will all head out of the door on Tuesday 4th May!

If we don't talk to you before (although I'm sure we will!) have an AMAZING long weekend, and enjoy every single second of Sunday nights LOD episode! We'll all be watching along with you :)

With love,

Ellie x

& The Scentful Wax Team

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