The pink front door to a realm of scented goodness 🎀 🚪

We are FINALLY allowed out!  Tell me, tell me.... where have you been?!?!

Are you one of those crazy people I've seen on the news queueing outside Primark at 2am? If you are.... I one hundred percent applaud your commitment (hashtag dedication!) and I'm secretly jealous, I'm needing a Primark trip so badly! 

OR are you still holding out for a few more weeks until all the hype calms down? Life has certainly changed, and something as simple as popping to the local shops seems like a minefield at the moment.... I get it!

I've been desperate to venture out, but haven't quite made it yet. I'm finding with hospitality still being closed, it makes it difficult to get out with two children. What do you do for toilet breaks?!? Or if one of them gets hungry or needs feeding? And how do you queue for fifteen minutes to get into a shop with bored kids in tow 🤷🏼‍♀️ (any parenting tips... HURL them my way please)

I'm not sure Boris thought that one through to be honest, I think we could have done with a more staggered release.... BUT only 5 weeks until the hospitality industry can finally catch a much needed break, so fingers crossed!

But in other news..... we are OPEN!

And I'll tell you one person who is a very happy bunny right now.... our Store Manager Kim (she's taken some fabulous photos of the store below, take a look!) 👇 

We reopened the doors on to our Leigh on Sea store on Monday morning, and Kim is now back in her element doing exactly what she does best.... talking about wax melts to complete strangers!  😂

Seeing actual real life people walk through the front doors again has been amazing! Who knew when we shut the doors on 20th December 2020 that we'd be shut for almost four months, but our pink front door to a realm of scented goodness is now FINALLY open to the world!

We now have over 60 fragrances displayed in store... each one with it's own tester dome that you can 'lift and sniff' (intellectual property rights go to Kim for coining this GEM of a phrase!) 🎀

April's 'Spring Has Sprung' fragrances are on full display in our brand new.... 'Brand New' section of the store, showcasing the current's months new scents to the range! Plus we've added cute little plinths with their scent descriptions for a little more info on the new arrivals!

Hopefully over the next few weeks, and as (fingers crossed) life continues to return back to a new normality, we will see more lovely customers through the doors. The high street really has been given a tough deal over the past twelve months, and I hope and pray that we don't lose any more of the high street that we've already waved farewell to!

Roll on 21st June! 🙏🙏🙏

And remember 👇

⭐ Keep Calm and Queue For Primark! ⭐

(jokes - support small independents instead! 🙏)

With love,

Ellie x

& The Scentful Wax Team

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