What a Wax Melt CRAZY 2020 so far!

I recently saw a post on Facebook (I have NO idea where) that asked people to raise their hands if 2020 had been a good year for them so far…. If you hadn’t already guessed, nobody raised their Facebook hands! 😂

I completely resonated with this, I don’t know a SINGLE person that’s had a good 2020 so far (and we’re only 73 days into it!). Money problems, health problems, weather problems…. Everyone seems to be able to pick *at least* one from that list. And with the current Coronavirus outbreak, paired with 4 consecutive weekends of storms with human names that I swear still seem to be lingering, I think it really is starting to bring everyone down.

We’ve had to cancel our holiday in April (that we stupidly didn’t pay cancellation cover for) so are set to lose a tonne of money (and a lovely family holiday!) and I’m already starting to feel a little cabin fever about being advised not to travel unless necessary, and they haven’t even announced that officially yet! 🙈

However, for Scentful Wax, 2020 has been a crazy busy 73 days. I was 100% expecting January and February to be super quiet, and I was preparing myself to have a calm couple of months catching up on paperwork and behind the scenes bits and bobs after the crazy Christmas period…… definitely NOT the case!

February has officially been our busiest month yet! We have TRIPLED our wholesale clients since the start of the year (a goal which I had set myself for 2020... yay!), which means we’re shipping out wax melts like they’re going out of fashion. Our Wheel of Fortune feature that we held on the website a few weekends ago saw a record number of website orders, and that, paired with a huge wholesale order, has meant a number of sleepless nights over the past week or so 🙃

PLUS we finally made the change from Scentful Candles to Scentful Wax!! I've been thinking about doing this for a long time now, but realised that I needed to just bite the bullet and go for it. We had lots of support in our Facebook Chat Group on making the change, as well as our followers on good old Insta, so we finally went for it. There's still A LOT of work to do on it, from new photographs to email addresses etc, but we're getting there. 

But good news… ALL orders were safely dispatched, and the HUGE wholesale order is now with its new owner, so it’s back to norm (for now!). I thought this would be a great time to make a fun little infographic of our number of wax melts sold and shipped out JUST in January and February of this year (see blog image attached!).

There are SO many more things I could go on to tell you about what’s going on behind the scenes here at Scentful Wax, but you'd honestly be here for days! I’m super excited to be sharing all our upcoming new adventures with you, and will be sure to carry on writing about our journey over the next few months.

A HUGE thank you to all of our loyal customers, new wax melt lovers, wholesale customers and Instagram and Facebook engagers. While 2020 hasn’t been great personally, for Scentful Wax I am hoping it is helping to provide everyone with just a little sweet scented relief from the craziness of life at the moment!

Thank you for reading my first Blog post (another thing ticked off the list for starting in 2020!) and I’m looking forward to the next one! 🙌


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