OVER 50,000 WAX MELTS SOLD in 2020

& Over 14,000 Customers



My son, just 1 years old at the time, had thrown himself into my life the previous Christmas, and for the first year I was super smitten as a new mum!

But as life went on, I knew I needed to get my passion for EVERYTHING business related officially back on the cards! That, paired with my love of a BEAUTIFUL smelling home, eased me on down the road of creating my own wax melt brand that I invested my absolute ALL in.

Little did I know......

....that with A LOT of hard work, and the best people around me, that business would grow into the BEAST it has now become, with four (and counting) members of staff, a 1000 sq. ft premise, a beautiful retail store, and enough female hormones to drive a tank – selling over 50,000 snap bars a year, despatching almost 500 orders a week, ALL during a pandemic!

To say it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride could quite possibly be the understatement of the century, but with my team of incredibly talented fantastic women around me…. We’re on our way to ruling the world (okay maybe a bit dramatic, but….. girl power!)

I can’t feel any more thankful, appreciative and down right humbled by this journey, and the support our incredible customers have given to this company over the past two years.And the best part? You are now here on our journey with us!

So sit back, choose your favourite scented wax melt, and start filling your home with the most beautiful fragrances in all the land!

Leigh on Sea Store

184 Leigh Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS91BT

Tues - Sat: 10am - 4pm

Sun & Mon: Closed

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