Add a little more sparkle and A LOT more scent to your life with this perfect wax melt selection pack!

If you’re like me, then you are always longing for that cosy and calm feeling you get from filling your home with beautiful fragrances. But do you always find yourself on the constant hunt for a candle that will actually fill your ENTIRE downstairs with scent? And when you FINALLY find this perfect candle, a little glimpse at the insanely expensive price tag actually makes your eyes water!

But hey, you figure your home is worth it….. after all, we spend our hard earned money on making our homes beautiful, they should smell just as beautiful, right? So you take the plunge, and splash out on that super expensive candle! Your home should be FULL of beautiful welcoming aromas, surely?

Sadly, no. After just a few days of burning your new candle (that you remortgaged your home to afford 😂) you’re now completely nose blind and can’t even smell it anymore?

Yes my friends..... yet ANOTHER over-priced candle down the drain!

But those days of over-priced, low quality candles are OVER!

Say Hello to the Ultimate Wax Melt Selection Pack!

Discover the perfect selection of scents to give your home the beautiful scent it deserves!

"Fantastic quality scents, far superior to a fancy candle in my opinion!

Kim, Essex, UK

Your selection pack contains our eight BEST SELLING fragrances that you need to fill your home with the most beautiful, enticing and welcoming fragrances!

It's an affordable and easy way to explore lots of beautiful scents without breaking the bank. Now you can fall in love with new and exciting scents that you may never have thought to try!

INDULGE yourself in a sparkly and colourful collection of wax melts that you can dive into whenever you need a fragrance pick me up!

Here's everything you need to begin your fragrance journey and start your beautiful wax melt collection!

Your Wax Melt Selection Pack includes:

  • 8 x Beautifully Scented Snap Bar Wax Melts in our Best Selling Scents (worth £23.92!)
  • PLUS Your Exclusive 'What's Your Scent Mood?' 14 Page Digital Guide (worth £6.50!)
  • Plus FREE Standard Delivery (worth £2.50!)

Grab yourself an absolute bargain, for just:



"When I melt wax melts I always feel like the house is so much fresher, cleaner and cosier! "

Penny, Wales, UK

Now you can have a home that smells clean, beautiful and instantly welcoming to anyone that walks through the door in just:

Three Simple Steps!

Step One

Light a 4 hour burn tealight and place into the bottom of a wax burner

Step Two

Snap off two squares from your chosen Snap Bar, and pop into the top of your burner

Step Three

Sit back, relax, and let your home be filled with beautiful fragrances to suit your mood!

"First of all, I am addicted to these wax melts - I can't get enough of the fresh, fruity, floral fragrances!!! Just add two little chunks of wax into a burner and in seconds your home will be filled with aromatic aromas. Dog smells, bin smells, food smells... gone!!!!

Second of all, Ellie is so helpful and familiarises herself with the scents that best suits you and your home. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!!! "

Carley, UK

Fancy trying a new scent? We've got you covered my friend!

It’s super easy to switch your wax melt scent to suit how you’re feeling.

Simply pop a new lit tealight into the bottom of your burner, wait around 30 seconds or so, and you should be able to easily slide out yesterday's wax. Then, just pop in 2 squares of your new scent and you'll be on your way to a beautifully scented home!

About Ellie,
Founder of Scentful Wax

With over ten years experience in the home fragrance sector, I am a jam-packed knowledge base on the science behind scents and how they can work to suit you! The only thing that I enjoy more than filling my own home with beautiful fragrances is filling my customers home with beautiful fragrances!

Over the past few years, I have made it my mission to search high and low for the perfect formula to pack my wax melts with the cosiest and most heart warming scents. You can rest assured that only the scents that have passed MY highest standards will make their way to my customers beautiful homes!

Tried & Tested!

We have a dedicated team of trusted testers that have put all of our wax melts to the test.

These testers KNOW their scents, and help us to make sure every single fragrance meets the highest quality standards, and pack a great punch when it comes to scenting your homes!

And not only that.... they're also great at picking the prettiest colours and sparkliest glitters!

"Even our delivery driver commented on how amazing the house smelt as I opened the door!"

Danielle, Newcastle, UK

Our Most Fabulous Features:

  • Our tried and tested combination of highest grade wax and fragrance oils means our wax melts pack a super fragrance punch... over 60 hours burn time per snap bar!
  • Every wax melt is wrapped in 100% biodegradable and compostable eco film, secured using recycled eco-friendly tape - NO single use plastic HERE my friends!
  • Prettily packed with beautiful shimmery mica powders and stunning glitter to bring a little colour and sparkle to your life!
  • We only use the highest grade soy wax (meaning no hidden nasties) which is 100% biodegradable, vegan friendly and animal cruelty free
  • Our unique ‘Snap Bar’ designs make using wax melts easier than ever (simply 'snap' off what you need) so that you can spend more time creating a beautiful home!

But don't just take our word for it.....

Here's what our customers had to say!

Customer Testimonials

Anita, UK

Scentful Wax are one of my favourite wax melt vendors… fab scents and great value! If you haven’t tried them yet I promise you’ll love them!

Carly, UK

I could smell all these melts all day long! I adore wax melts, and I’m so glad I found Scentful Candles, I shall definitely be ordering again! Thank you!

Helena, UK

Gorgeous wax melts! The smell is strong and they look great! Best I’ve bought and the smell lasts for ages! Wouldn’t buy from anywhere else now!

"Love love love your melts! They are amazing! "

Jordan, Swindon, UK

Take a closer look at our 8 beautiful scents...





Could your home do with a little 'pick me up'?

Our Clean Cotton fragrance is perfect for that fresh ‘Yep, I’ve just cleaned!’ scent!

Feeling stressed or anxious?

No problem, our Peony Blush fragrance is the perfect blend of calming scents to help relieve tension and reduce stress levels. 

Fancy a little motivation?

Try our Blueberry and Vanilla scent that’s BURSTING with uplifting fruity scents to add a little bounce to your step.

Here they are in a little more detail....


Imagine freshly washed laundry mixed with fluffy white towels – a beautifully fresh and clean fragrance with hints of jasmine petals and fresh eucalyptus!


A luxury fruity and floral fragrance with notes of peony and red apple, followed by hints of rose, jasmine and carnation, with rich notes of white musks and dry amber!


Fizzy & effervescent, with notes of sparkling citrus fruits and sweet grapefruit, this makes Pink Fizz and Lemonade a beautifully refreshing and fruity scent!


A fresh and uplifting scent, fruity and sweet, with a slightly bubble gummy finish, it's our most popular fragrance by far - guaranteed to be a favourite with all that love the sweetest and sassiest scents!


A beautifully welcoming blend of white florals and vanilla with notes of musk and black coffee. It’s beautifully light and airy, with a fruity and floral feel!!


Soft, powdery and identical to the baby powder scent we all know and love! A sweet and memorable smell of clean elegance, sure to bring back beautiful memories!


This fragrance is packed with a creamy, sugary, vanilla aroma, with smooth and light top notes.... it's a beautifully light and fluffy fragrance!


A most popular scent, its a fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with the powdery sweetness of vanilla – a super strong scent!

"The smell from just opening the box was unreal! The only problem is, which scent do I try first?!? Thank you for another amazing collection!"

Paige, Pontefract, UK

We know what you may be thinking…..

"How do I know if I'll like any of these scents?"

We have spent a long time testing and retesting these fragrances to make sure they are the best we can offer to our customers. All four of our most popular scent categories (Clean, Floral, Fruity & Sweet) are included across this range, to make sure you'll find a scent that you love!

Not only do these all fall into our four most popular fragrance categories, they are also a great way to try scents that you may not normally choose! Who knows..... you may fall in love with a brand new beautiful fragrance to scent your home!

"I’ve tried wax melts from other companies before, why are these any different?"

Not only are our wax melts jam packed with the strongest most mouth watering scents, they are also beautiful to look at! We enjoy nothing more than making our melts as beautiful as possible, and that means making them extra colourful and even EXTRA sparkly! Who doesn't love glitter, right?

And as if that wasn't enough, here at Wax we are super conscious of our use of plastics, chemical nasties, and of being as kind to the environment as we can be! No plastic in sight guys and gals!

"I’ve been using candles for so long now, why change?"

We believe that using wax melts provides our customers with so much more 'scent freedom' than the standard candle. Using wax melts enables you to quickly pick whichever scent you fancy, and easily change fragrances to suit your mood! Going nose blind to scents is the WORST - and wax melts are the BEST way to make sure it won't happen to you and your home!

So many of our existing customers have made the change from candles to wax melts, and they are now falling in love with scents they may never have thought to try......
WITHOUT breaking the bank!

"Thank you for creating the most amazing wax melts ever! I don’t use anything else!"

Tayla, Colchester UK

Brilliant Bonuses

Here at Scentful Wax, we like to provide our customers with everything they need to fill their beautiful homes will beautiful fragrances, and that means you need to get the best out of your wax burner and melts! That’s why we include these FREE bonuses in your kit!

BONUS 1 - “What's Your Scent Mood?” Digital Guide

You'll get our exclusive 14 page digital guide sent straight to your inbox... the perfect guide to understanding scents and how they can help you feel your best! I'll share my knowledge of all things fragrance related with you, helping you to pick the right scent for your home, whatever mood you’re in!

BONUS 2 - Invitation to Our Exclusive Wax Chat Group

This group is full to the brim of customers, just like you, who have fallen in love with wax melts! Become part of the group, and join like-minded fragrance lovers who adore filling their homes with gorgeous scents! It’s THE place to learn more about new scent releases, get access to exclusive discounts, VIP invitations and more!

"Quick delivery, look beautiful and smell amazing!"

Melanie Arbroath, UK

Oh, and did I mention FREE Shipping?

That's right! Delivery is completely FREE! Your kit will arrive beautifully packaged within just a few days of ordering, and will cost you nothing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Ultimate Selection Pack?

Your kit includes eight of the best scents you need to begin filling your home with the most perfect fragrances! You'll receive:

  • 8 x Snap Bar Wax Melts in our Bestselling Fragrances (worth £23.92!)
  • Our Exclusive 'What's Your Scent Mood?' 14 Page Digital Guide (worth £6.50!) 
  • Exclusive Wax Melt Chat Group Invitation
  • Plus get FREE Shipping! (normally £2.50!)

All for just:



What size is the Selection Pack?

Snap Bar Wax Melts: 115mm x 45mm x 13mm (depth) and each weigh approximately 60g

Your pack will arrive in an A4 size Large Letter Box, which means it can even fit through your letterbox!

How much of each bar should I use at a time?

After lots of lots of testing, we recommend snapping off just 2 squares (1/5 of one bar) at a time for optimum scent throw! Two of these little gems of scented goodness typically last between 2/3 burns..... that's over 10 hours of beautiful fragrance per use!

How long will one Snap Bar last?

As just 2 squares of one bar last for around 10 to 12 hours, that means each Snap Bar will give OVER 50 hours of burning! Much more affordable than those expensive candles we talked about earlier!!

How long will my pack take to arrive?

Your kit will be dispatched within 2 business days via Royal Mail. Packages will be sent Second Class, so you can expect to receive your parcel 2/3 days after dispatch. We'll always keep you updated along they way!

How will I receive my 'What's Your Scent Mood?' Guide?

Your 12 page guide will be sent straight to your email address as soon as you place your order, which means you can get access to all it's exciting contents straight away!

"Fab and friendly service, beautifully packaged, the scents are divine and I love the monthly box deals as a great way to try something new! Please give them a try!"

Katie, Blackpool UK

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are on a mission to fill your homes with beautiful scents, and know that our selection packs are the perfect tool to get you started on that sweet smelling journey!

However, we appreciate that sometimes our scents just don’t suit everyone. It’s SO important to us that we provide you with a fantastic start to your beautiful wax melt collection, so if you’re not happy with it then we aren’t either!

That’s why we offer a full Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not happy with your pack, all you need to do is email me at within 14 days of purchase to return your selection pack, and I’ll be happy to refund you.

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